Unflappable DeFoe remains consistent

Having caught 20-10 on Day One and an unofficial 18-15 so far today (as per BassTrakk) the unflappable Ott DeFoe is remaining consistent. And not just from one competition day to the next, but from the start of practice to now.


“I had days I got a lot of bites, I had days I caught a few big ones,” DeFoe told 1999 Classic Champ Davy Hite yesterday, describing his time on the water from the beginning of practice through the end of Day One. “I didn’t have any days I caught a lot of big ones. I don’t have a lot of big fish today, I just don’t have any small ones.”


It appears he’s got a similar bag today. That consistency has him in 4th place, unofficially. But don’t be surprised if jumps up with a last-hour biggun, like he did yesterday.


“It was a slow morning and the middle of the day was good,” he told Hite. “Then I caught a big one this afternoon.”


Manning the microphone in bassmaster.com’s inaugural “First Look,” live webcast segment yesterday, Hite interviewed most of the tournament’s top contenders as they came of the water. Jeff Kriet will conduct the “First Look” interviews today, starting at about 2:30 p.m. Hite will be back on the mic on Sunday.