Police presence

Because Dean Rojas' spot is located next to a highway, several fans are congregating on the bank to watch the Arizona pro. Some have arrived by boat, tying up on the other side of the road and crossing it to watch Rojas fish. Others have driven and parked off the ends of the causeway that separates Rojas' spot from the rest of the lake. (There are 25 fans standing around me at the moment.) needless to say, there's quite a bit of pedestrian traffic, and it's a narrow causeway. We've seen a pretty substantial police presence, making sure passing motorists are cautious of the spectators. The officers also have been asking pedestrians to stay out of the road and behind the causeway's guard rails. I mention all of this because it's somewhat unusual to encounter a situation like this in a Bassmaster Classic, and also because it's representative of how this area around Guntersville embraces bass fishing and its fans.