Parting thoughts

Anglers are wrapping it up for the day, and we're following suit and heading to the boat ramp. My overall impression of today's action is that, once again, Guntersville didn't exactly live up to its potential. Sure, there have been some big bags, and some anglers will make big moves in the standings. But overall, we didn't see what we thought we'd see today -- an overall increase in weights and the number of fish caught.


Another surprise was the spectator traffic. I'd have bet my last dollar that traffic volume would pick up today, but I just didn't see that out on the water. There were a lot of spectator boats, but based solely on my observations, it appeared to be lighter today than it was yesterday.


Go figure.


There was some local angling pressure today, but not to the extent I expected. It will be interesting to see if spectator traffic and local angling pressure increase tomorrow or if we see something like we did today.


Stay tuned.