Never again, David Jones

I just got off of Ott’s boat, much to his pleasure. Not five minutes after I got out and a cameraman got in, he catches a 3 3/4, culling him up to roughly 21 pounds. He immediately hollered over, “You’re never getting in my boat again, David Jones.”


I wish he was the first Classic competitor to tell me that.


As we turned around, Jason Christie has slid underneath the bridge up here and is cranking the same riprap that Ott has worked over. The bridge pilings and underwater channels are making funnels that the bass are holding around. Christie has the same idea as Ott. “I must be doing something right if I’m fishing the same stuff as Jason Christie,” DeFoe said with a grin.


Oh, and to Mrs. Jennie DeFoe, when Ott and Steve Kennedy were fishing next to each other, Steve’s Silverado rolled by the causeway and out came Julia and their kids to watch. Ott was wondering when you were bringing the young’uns.