Mueller, Tharp make moves

About the time the lull in the action hit an all-time low, a boat comes tearing out of Roseberry Creek. It’s Randall Tharp. He makes a big, long loop following the channels that have been cut, but part of his crowd loses him and scatters. They criss-cross back and forth until they’re all headed in a southerly direction and find him. The result was Mueller’s spot being churned up in a big way. Shortly after the ruckus, he picks up the trolling motor and we motor south as well. We’re across the river from the mouth of North Sauty Creek at the moment, and Mueller is still throwing the ChatterBait. Our crowd has dwindled to three boats again. I guess the lack of action was too much to bear. But, if yesterday was any indication, the fireworks should start shortly.

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