Mueller mixing it up

Though it couldn’t be called scrambling, Paul Mueller is sure digging around his boat quite a bit. He’ll toss one thing for a while, then root around a bit, pull out another rod then get back to casting. His cameraman has left him, likely to find some hotter action. That’s not to say that Mueller’s done, but there’s simply nothing going on at the moment. He’s still alternating between an Ima Rock’N Vibe lipless crankbait and ChatterBait with Reins swimbait trailer. The reason I know that is because we happened across Matt Paino, who imports all kinds of good Japanese tackle, including Ima, Deps, Reins and others. He’s hooked Mueller up with tackle since Mueller’s YouTube channel has exploded. The swimbait is a prototype that’s expected to be released at ICAST this summer.

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