Morgenthaler's thoughts

Chad Morgenthaler made the most of his opportunity at the Wildcard qualifier to become the last man in this Classic. He hopes to take advantage of his opportunities today as well.


"I've got a bunch of things going through my mind," Morgenthaler said. "I want to make sure I don't blow any big shots if I get 'em."


Morgenthaler said he started putting a pattern together yesterday, and he hopes to fully develop it today.


"I only did it for an hour, so I want to spend more time on that today," he said.


Morgenthaler is reminding himself to stay calm in the maelstrom of pressure that comes with the final day of the Classic.


"I just want to fish comfortably today," Morgenthaler said. "Yesterday I caught 'em early, so if that doesn't happen today, I have to stay focused and keep doing what I'm doing."