Lee goes shallow to get back on track

Jordan Lee entered this Classic with the burden of being considered the College BASS angler with the best chance to do well here. Granted, that's a short list. College BASS qualifiers were added only three years ago.


Lee left Day One disappointed - in 40th place with 4 fish weighing 13-7.


But knowing the lake as well as the Auburn, Ala., native does fueled his 21-11 comeback Saturday and moved him up to 14th place. Lee knows what a late-winter warm rain can do to the bass in Guntersville. So he put four flipping sticks on the deck Saturday and went to the bank.


"I was catching 'em in a foot of water," Lee said.


His catches included Saturday's big bass of 8 pounds, 8 ounces. And, naturally, Lee is back punching shallow grass again today.

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