Kriet wins wager on Mueller’s bag weight

Max Leatherwood owes Jeff Kriet a soda.


Kriet and Leatherwood, the first Bassmaster representatives to see Paul Mueller’s huge Classic Day 2 limit, wagered a soda on guessing its weight.


Kriet, the 2010 Bassmaster Classic runner-up, guessed 29-12. Leatherwood, a long-time Bassmaster tournament “bump station” bass inspector, estimated it at 27-4. Mueller himself said, 33-8, having weighed each fish with a hand scale. 


Mueller’s official weight, determined almost two hours later to thunderous applause from the crowd in Birmingham’s BJCC Arena, was 32-3. That rocketed Meuller up from 47th place to 5th, less than six pounds behind leader Edwin Evers – and won Kriet a soda. recruited Kriet, who did not qualify for this year’s Classic, to interview Guntersville contenders yesterday as they came of the water. 1999 Bassmaster Classic Champion Davy will conduct the “Take Out Live” interviews today, starting at about 2:30 p.m.


Hear Kriet incredulously interview Mueller about his huge limit at this link:

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