Howell thought this could happen

Randy Howell has thought for a long time that someone could make a charge up the leaderboard on the final day of the Classic, like Howell is doing today.


Unprompted, Howell offered the following after Saturday's weigh-in: "This is probably one of the few places we could have a Classic where you could see a big-time spoiler win this thing. I've been saying for the last month that anyone in the top 10 or 12 could win this on the last day."

Howell entered the day in 11th place with 38-6, exactly nine pounds behind Edwin Evers' first-place total of 47-6.


Howell wasn't the only competitor who thought this could happen. When the top six anglers were brought to a post-weigh-in press conference, Randall Tharp noted, "I think there are way more than just us six guys that have a shot to win this tournament."

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