Contenders have scattered on Guntersville

Boyd Duckett is having a little work done to his new residence on Lake Guntersville -- the entire left wing, as well as updating the facade on the original structure to match.
To get the whole thing on Darren's 300 mm lens, we had to back way off into the main channel.


"Further ... More ... More ... "


Leary was taking us to where he thought the Classic would be won. "Best grass left in the lake."


But alas no one was there. Finding anglers has all of the sudden gotten more difficult. "They've scattered," Leary said.


The sun has never fully broken through. It's remained under 60 degrees and water temp has risen to as high as 52.


With Thursday's sun and temps forecast at 72, Leary expects the water to climb to around 55 for Friday. The fish will be moving and he says, "There will be some crazy good catches."