There are a myriad of story lines to follow today

There are a myriad of story lines to follow today.


The biggest of course is the three-way battle between Hackney, Faircloth and Martens.


Hackney is in charge of this contest. If he gets up there in that 20-pound plus range he will make it difficult on the other two, unless of course he has a lot of company with stringers like that.


Meanwhile guys like Andy Montgomery, Brian Snowden, Tim Horton, Takahiro, Marty Robinson, Cliff Prince, Kevin Short and a few others are fighting for a limited number of spots in the Classic.


This battle is equalling compelling and promises more fireworks and drama than anything going in today.


You will want to watch how each of them with the same goal has different things to do to ensure they get in.


Ronnie Moore and BassTrakk will help with that. This is where every catch is important.


Lot of fun. And I hate I will be out if service most of the day and won't get to see it develop. It's worth watchin