Zaldain snatches one early

We've launched in a creek where we saw several of the pros fishing yesterday. I said I was going to give up the goods today, but I'm not going to mention this creek until tomorrow. It's a small enough that a flotilla of spectator boats could shut down the bass.


Chris Zaldain is fishing direectly across the creek from the ramp where we launched. He's off to a fast start with a 2 1/2-pounder in the box. He started the day in the 11th place.


Zaldain is fishing painfully slow with spinning tackle. He's working the bait on the bottom with gentle hops. I suspect that his bait is a shaky head worm. He's a casting to a bank with plenty of wood cover and overhanging limbs.


Snyder tells me the bass usually are not where Zaldain is fishing at this time time of year. The late spring has had a big impact on the bass.