Where's Faircloth?

We had gotten word that Todd Faircloth had a solid limit and that he was fishing up Yellow Jacket Creek. We took off in search of him through hammering rain. Three miles up the creek we came across Cliff Pace. He was casting to a wooded bank. He took off before we got close enough to ask how he was doing. It's enough to give a guy a complex.


We ventured farther up Yellow Jacket, which is the direction that Pace went in. The next time we saw him he was offshore and casting to a submerged road bed. He was fishing a slow bottom-bumping bait.


Kevin VanDam calls Pace a "dragger." He likes Pace but distains his slow-pace fishing style. That doesn't phase Pace. He dragged his way to a win in the Bassmaster Classic last February.


BASSTrakk had Pace in fifth place with a 10-7 limit. We continued on in search of Faircloth. We never found him, but we did run across Marty Robinson casting to a small cluster of cypress trees. He had three in the box.

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