What's big at West Point?

This is the seventh professional level tournament that B.A.S.S. has held on West Point Lake. Over the years, the weight of a big bass on WPL has actually gone down some. Joe Garner won big bass honors at the 1977 Alabama Invitational with a hefty largemouth that weighed 8-11 — and the lake (though not the bass) was not even three years old then). A year later, James Thomas had one that weighed 7-15 and was the biggest at that Invitational.


At the 1986 Georgia Invitational on WPL, Mike Johnson caught the biggest bass in B.A.S.S.'s history at the venue — a 10-3. Since then, tournament lunker weights have been slipping. In 1987, big fish was 9-0. In 2005, it was 7-7. At the 2011 Elite tournament on the lake, big bass honors went to former Elite pro Dustin Wilks for his 7-8 largemouth.


More on this in a few minutes.

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