Whatever works


The vast contrast in the Elite Series anglers always amazes me. Yesterday morning I was running all over the place chasing Steve Kennedy out of the gate. Today I followed Cliff Crochet out of the ramp on a half mile run at about half throttle. As Cliff made his first cast I saw Kennedy blow by in route to his 5th or 6th stop no doubt. 


I'm not taking sides or saying one speed is any better than the other. Or that one angler works harder than the other. Just a mere observation of the contrast in mindsets that a lot of anglers on the Elite Series have.  


The bottom line, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Obviously Kennedy's approach worked on West Point before to the tune of 100 grand. But Cajun Baby is doing just fine with his laid back approach sitting in 10th after day one. 


Inevitably it's going to come down to one or two big fish here this week to set anglers apart. And big is 3-to-4-pounds.


Who's going to get those couple of bites. Will it be the guy who makes the most casts or the one who makes or the one who makes the most of his areas. Tortoise and the hare. Only time will tell. 

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