Updated AOY standings

If you check out the updated AOY standings here on Bassmaster.com, you'll see there's a three-way tie at the top between Ish Monroe, Edwin Evers and Kevin VanDam. That list includes yesterday's results, so it's as up-to-the-moment as you can get. It'll be updated again later today after the weigh-in.


Of course, technically, it's not a tie between Monroe, Evers and VanDam. If you apply the tie-breakers, the order would be Evers, Monroe and VanDam because Evers has more total weight this season (164-11 to 150-0 for Monroe and 137-8 for VanDam).


Stay tuned for the weigh-in. It should be a good, close one. If the marshal photos and blog entries are any indication, there were more good fish caught today and maybe more limits. The better fish make the leaderboard more volatile, while the plethora of limits work to stabilize it somewhat. No matter what happens, there will be movement not only on the West Point leaderboard but also with the AOY standings.


Should be interesting.

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