Shryock on bridge riprap

We leave the creek where Reese, Dove and Zaldain are fishing. There are fewer pros there now than there were yesterday afternoon. More of them may show up later.


"Palaniuk will be in here this afternoon," Reese said as we were leaving.


We boat to a bridge that some of the pros were fishing yesterday. No one is home, but we can see a roostertail heading our way. It's Fletcher Shryock.


He pulls up to the riprap on one side of the bridge and works it over with a crankbait.


"It's a different day," he says. "I'm flying by the seat of my pants."


He swipes and misses. We leave him ti search for more pros. We might check on him later. He was in 21st place after yesterday's weigh-in. He's well within range of the top 12.


Shryock is a fellow Buckeye. I'm not pulling for him.