Running and gunning with Steve Kennedy

Steve Kennedy is running and gunning like a mad man this morning. If the early bird gets the worm, the early angler catches the fish. In the 20 minutes I've spent with Steve, he's hit around 10-12 spots. 


Several times he hasn't even picked up his trolling motor or put it down. If it's up, he'll coast in to a spot on the momentum of his big motor. If it's down, he'll jump up on plane, just clearing the water with the foot of his trolling motor. He'll make three casts and go again.


I asked if this was just a morning deal or if he'd fish this fast all day. He has two techniques going, one more finesse and one more power related. This run and gun theme is more geared toward the power fishing, early bite.


Although we have a front moving in, Kennedy doesn't seem to think that will prolong this early deal.  

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