Reese rips in a 5-pounder

We just watched Reese working on a bed for 30 minutes. He switched baits several times, was up and down several times digging out different baits and rods. He fished standing up. He fished squatting down. He swung and missed a half dozen times.


He let out a hoot when the bass nearly bit but didn't. He uttered things at the bass that were not for the ears of the spectator boats clustered too closely about him.


Snyder and I jockeyed the boat for the best camera angle without getting too close. Finally, Reese's bright yellow rod bows deeply when be sets the hook. The crowd cheers as he grips the bass and hauls it aboard. The bass looks to be pushing 4 pounds.


Loud cheering makes me look up and grab my camera. I find Reese in my lens as he rips in a 5-pounder. His scream echoes throughout the creek along with the crowd noise.

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