Reese popping off

Farther up the creek we find Skeet Reese fishing where we saw him working on a bedding bass yesterday. He's retrieving a popper over the spot repeatedly with hard, splashy twitches. After a few dozen casts, he moves down the bank still fishing the popper. Then he drops Power Poles on another bed and works it over with several different baits. He pulls up his Power Poles.


"I give up," he says, refering to the bedding bass. He shouts to Kurt Dove who is fishing the other side of the narrow creek.


"Kurt, do you mind if I fish that dock?" He points to a dock 50 yards up the bank in front of Dove. Dove might not be keen on the proposition but he gives Reese the go ahead. Amazing what showing a little respect will do for you.


Just as Reese is about to cast to the dock, Dove says, "I didn't mean you could fish that dock."


He's kidding. Both anglers laugh.