A recipe for avoiding disaster

In my last post I noted that KVD has never finished worse than 59th in an Elite event. Because I have a special mental issue that requires me to do such things, I did a little (actually a lot of) checking to find out who else might be about as good as the G.O.A.T. (greatest of all-time) when it comes to avoiding tournament disaster.


The answer is nobody. It's not even close.


KVD's worst finish is 59th in 67 previous events. The next "best worst" by an Elite pro who has fished at least one season is 79th by both Brandon Card and Ott DeFoe. Of course, they've fished a lot fewer tournaments than VanDam — 11 for Card and 19 for DeFoe — so the difference between them and KVD is a chasm that would dwarf the Grand Canyon.


Can you imagine fishing 67 tournaments at the highest level of the sport and with your worst finish you barely missed a check? On some level that may be even more impressive than all his wins.

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