Office under the bridge


I don’t often blog. Well … actually, I never blog because it’s not what I get paid to do. But this one and only blog is about a blogger. As often is the case, today I had Steve Wright blogging in the boat with me. We were chasing Aaron Martens all over the lake, running and gunning.


There were two problems with that: Laptops and heavy rain don’t mix, and Aaron was moving so often there was no time to finish a blog before he would make another move. He eventually moves to a bridge, which is where I deposited my blogging friend, Steve Wright, and all his ‘blogging stuff’ for the remainder of the day. It was a nice, dry place for Wright to work. I continued to follow Martens and called him with updates.


Wright apparently had lots of company come by his temporary office (Skeet, KVD, Hank Cherry, etc.), and it seemed to work out pretty good. Now I’m through blogging and back to my real job. Got to make another move, my blogging is over. Wright … I’ll call you and let you know what’s up with Martens. 


(One more quick note: If you find my life jacket that Wright left under the bridge, leave it there. I'll be back to get it in the morning. But I won't be sir).