Mother lode of Elite pros


We're idling farther up this narrow creek and come across four more pros. Brandon Palaniuk is one of them. He tells us he has three. Either this is a better fishing day, or we've found the pros that have found the bass.


Farther up the creek, we find Skeet Reese. Can't get miss that yellow wrap. A hundred yards past Reese we see what might be Dean Rojas. We can't be sure, and it's a too shallow up there to move any closer without interfering.


Now we pass James Niggemeyer, fishing slowly tight to the shoreline. Reese is well off the bank.


Snyder tells me that you could walk across this part of the creek last year because the water was so low. The grass grew tall on the dry ground, making good bass camera cover.


Reese idles past us and says he has three decent bass. He shuts down 50 yards past us and resumes fishing.

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