Martens circling, ospreys attacking

I have no idea what Aaron Martens is looking for exactly, but he's spending a lot of time doing it. Martens has been idling in circles, looking at his sonar screen for several minutes now.


In the meantime, James Overstreet had the opportunity to photograph a fight between two ospreys and two Canada geese. The ospreys, of course, won that deal. But not before several strafing attacks from the ospreys. The geese, apparently, had ventured too close to the ospreys' nest. Check JO's on-the-water gallery later. Even if you're not a bird watcher, you'll enjoy this.


Now Martens is fishing again, vertically, with either a drop shot bait or a shaky head worm. He's dropping it straight down next to his trolling motor, trying to force-feed a big bass, I'd guess.

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