Little 'uns

Only three previous times in Elite history has the average bass weighed less than two pounds. Most recently, it happened in 2011 on the Arkansas River when the average fish tipped the scales at just 1.97 pounds. The year before that, Clarks Hill Reservoir yielded an average bass weighing 1.92. And the current record for smallest bass dates back to 2007 when the Kissimmee Chain's average keeper weighed only 1.78 pounds.


West Point can beat that ... unfortunately.


Further evidence of this epidemic of small bass comes in the form of Tommy Biffle's daily best bass from the first round. It weighed 6-10 — not bad, of course, but historically small for B.A.S.S. tournaments on West Point. If Biffle's catch holds up as the best for the whole tournament (and Day 1 lunkers do hold on nearly 40 percent of the time), it'll be the smallest tournament lunker from West Point ever. The current smallest was Gerald Beck's 7-7 at the 2005 Southern Open. That fish also came on the first day.

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