Kennedy has a little something up his sleeve

Steve Kennedy has a little something up his sleeve.


The water is high. We've heard that from several guys this week. But how high? 


"It's a foot and a half over full pool and 3 or 4 feet higher than it was the last time we were here," said Kennedy. 


"These used to be trees but now they're bushes," said Kennedy in reference to the cypress trees he was pitching to. He set the hook on a small spot and tossed it back. 


"The water's so high that all these little guys are up here." 


High water and a slower spring is plaguing Kennedy's pattern from last year. The swimbait bite that won him the last Elite on West Point is off. 


"I had one good bite on it in all of practice."


One good bite won't win an Elite event. But versatility is what make Elite anglers elite. Kennedy let me in on a little deal he has going but doesn't want to reveal to the public just yet. 


"I did it all day during practice one day and had two huge bites that I didn't set the hook on." 

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