The fishing's slow, but they're small!

If you watched the weigh-in yesterday, or even if you just glanced at the standings, you probably noticed that the fishing was a little slow. One hundred anglers weighed in 441 bass. The average in an Elite tournament would be around 460, so the fishing was a little tougher than usual.


The number that should have shocked you, though, was the total weight of those 441 bass — 729 pounds, 11 ounces. It means the average bass coming out of West Point Lake yesterday weighed just 1.65 pounds (about 1 pound, 10 ounces). That's really, really small.


In a sport where size matters, that number is the smallest in Bassmaster Elite Series history. If the pace continues (and average bass weights will likely go up on Days 3 and 4), West Point is going to set a record that no lake wants on its résumé. It's going to produce the smallest average bass in Elite history.

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