Docks or not?

Faircloth pitches a sinking worm to a series of three docks. He misses a bass and lands another short one. He still looks calm, but he must be growing concerned by now. If he is, it doesn't show.


Faircloth jumps to a nearby bridge and retrieves a crankbait past the pilings. He fishes every piling and then cranks the outboard. He makes the winding run out of Beech Creek to one of the bridges in Yellow Jacket Creek. He cranks the pilings here, too. After a few minutes here, he runs to the back of a pocket in Half Moon.


He passes Hank Cherry fishing a dock at the mouth of the pocket. Several spectator boats are around him. We just got word that Cherry has put a 6-pounder in his livewell. If that's true, Cherry has 14 or 15 pounds for three fish. Wow!


Cherry leaves and takes his spectators with him.

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