Cherry's big one, and his game plan now

After further review, Hank Cherry's big fish is probably somewhere between 6 and 7 pounds, rather than 7 or 8. But it's still a game-changer in this tournament, where a 2-pounder has been a solid keeper and a 6-pounder has taken big bass honors each day.


He's got one other keeper, under 2 pounds. As Cherry told us earlier, "If I get three bites, they've got to beat me." That's "they" as in the other 11 anglers on Day Four.


It was shortly after that when Cherry observed, "That would be something, if I finally catch a good one and can't catch a limit."


That's what he's doing now, hopscotching back down the lake, hitting docks and points, mostly with a jerkbait, trying to finish his limit.


"I've got four hours," Cherry said at 11 o'clock. "I just need a bite an hour."


He also needs some wind to make that jerkbait effective, and he's got none.


Overstreet and I certainly aren't complaining about a beautiful sunny day on a beautiful lake. It's the first time anybody has seen the sun since the tournament started on Thursday. And it beats the heck out of that wet-dog of a day we experienced yesterday.


Everything is blue and green - blue sky, green trees and water reflecting both.

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