A battle of attrition

Yesterday I posted a few comments about the AOY race and mentioned that it's a battle of attrition at this point. It's tough to get yourself into the race, but it's easy to fall out of it.


On Day 1 at West Point, here's how the top 10 in the AOY race fared:


1. Edwin Evers - 40th with 7-12

2. Terry Scroggins - 35th with 7-15

3. Kevin VanDam - 31st with 8-3

4. Ish Monroe - 19th with 9-4

5. Jeff Kriet - 76th with 5-9

6. Brandon Card - 96th with 2-8

7. Gary Klein - 28th with 8-7

8. Jason Williamson - 54th with 7-0

9. Jason Christie - 91st with 4-0

10. Bobby Lane - 65th with 6-3


Kriet, Card and Christie will likely take themselves right out of the race unless they can rebound today. Finishes that low are killers in the AOY battle.


The good news for the other guys is that none of the top anglers in the points standings are doing very well so far at West Point. Of the top 10, Ish Monroe is having the best tournament, and he's only 19th.


A big part of the struggle to win AOY is to avoid a disastrous finish. When you can turn your bad finish into 55th place rather than 87th, you've saved yourself a bunch of points that you'll need at the end. Kevin VanDam is easily the best at this. in his Elite career, his worst finish is 59th at Clear Lake in 2010.


That's mind boggling! Every rookie in 2013 has already had a finish worse than that, and we're only three tournaments in!

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