Back at bridge

Photographer Daren Jacobson and I are back at the bridge near the official launching site for the West Point Elite Series event. He wants to take more overhead photos of the pros passing under us as they head out for the third day of competition.


The top 12 for tomorrow, the final day, is far from being decided. The weights are light and tight and one good kicker bass in a limit could vault an angler several places higher in the standings.


I get to provide more details today. On the first two days of an Elite Series tourney I have to be vague. By blogging too much information then, I might tip off pros who are struggling to where the leaders are fishing and how they are catching them. Today, however, I can give up the goods. The pros can't access my blog until they come off the water.


For those who don't make the final cut, the information is of no use to them because they'll be hitting the road. Those who do make the cut are not likely to change what they're doing. That's want got them there and they'll be content to dance with the girl they brung to the dance.