Zaldain searching for more

We just saw Chris Zaldain as he was idling out of the Fisherman's Landing boat ramp area. He's got two fish, enough to keep him right on the cusp of making the Final Four on Sunday.

We asked him where he was going, and he replied, "I don't know yet."

We fell in behind him. He stopped outside the channel, made a few casts, then moved 200 yards north to the coal-fired electric plant. On his first cast, he hooked up with serious rod-bender - a salmon, unfortunately.

"This is the only jerkbait like this I've got," Zaldain said. "I can't break him off."

And he didn't. After a long fight and several near landings, Zaldain finally was able to tail-land what looks like a 10-pound salmon and, most importantly, get his jerkbait back.

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