Who's in/who's out

The first part of All-Star Week is this two day derby on Muskegon Lake. The shorter a tournament, the more volatile the standings. Even so, you just can't like the chances of the three anglers who came in with less than 10 pounds on Day 1. Brandon Palaniuk scraped together a small limit weighing 9-6. Skeet Reese was one short of a limit and had 8-5. John Crews really struggled and brought in just two bass for 6-2. Their goals on Day 2 are pretty straightforward; they need a miracle. While it might seem that the five-pound-plus lead Cliff Pace has over these three isn't much, it's really quite substantial. You see, it's more than the weight of the biggest bass you can expect to catch in Saturday's competition, and those kinds of leads are all but impossible to overcome. Then there's the problem of leapfrogging over all the guys between them and fourth place (to qualify for the finals). You might pass a few of them, but seven … or eight … or nine? That's too much. I expect that the anglers who weren't in double digits Friday won't be competing on Sunday.

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