May the ranch be with you

Thursday night there was a pre-tournament registration meeting and a reception for the All-Stars. It was a nice affair with an open bar and buffet featuring steak and chicken (I had both), but what really interested me was the salad. Now, salad is usually pretty boring to me — I'm a card-carrying carnivore — but this one was interesting. Sitting with the anglers, I noticed that just about everyone was using ranch dressing. Keith Combs went ranch; Skeet Reese went ranch; Edwin Evers went ranch. When I asked him what he liked, Cliff Pace seemed genuinely concerned that other flavors were even being offered; ranch has always been his go-to dressing. I had to look far and wide to find an Elite pro using another dressing, though two other options were on the same tray with ranch — French and a lumpy brown substance (I honestly thought it was gravy) that a waitress told me was balsamic vinaigrette. When I checked KVD, I found that he had mixed the French and the ranch to come up with some sort of hybrid that I can only imagine will be offered as a Strike King crankbait color very soon. Chris Zaldain went French, too, but that was only because the ranch was all gone at his table. In fact, the only angler who went completely away from ranch dressing of his own free will was John Crews. When I asked him for his dressing choice, he said, "The brown one." I told him that his bucking of the angler norm was either going to lead him to victory or ignominious defeat. After one day, Crews is in last place. I bet next time he opts for ranch.

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