Expect bigger weights today

A lot of observers think that weights actually go up on Day 2 of Elite events, but that's not usually true. On average, weights falls ever so slightly in the second round of Elite events, though they do go slightly up on occasion. For this tournament on Muskegon Lake, however, I'm expecting weights to be substantially up on Day 2 for one very big reason. The anglers only had one day to practice on the lake instead of their usual two and a half. That means they're less in tune with the fishery and didn't have a chance to fully identify productive areas and patterns. To a great extent, many of them were still practicing on Friday, even though it was a competition day. I'm willing to bet that weights go up noticeably on Day 2 as these guys get dialed in to the fishery. Another reason to expect bigger catches is that the standings are so tight after Day 1. Cliff Pace leads the way with 14-4, but fifth place is less than a pound and a half back. None of the leaders can afford to take their foot off the gas and coast into the Evan Williams Bourbon Championship. It's too close, there's too much at stake and a few ounces will go a long way tomorrow.

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