Evers, Pace start side-by-side

Edwin Evers and Cliff Pace might as well be fishing in a buddy tournament right now. Their boats are about 25 feet apart at the upper end of Lake Muskegon. They seem to be chatting a little bit, not exactly either man's strength. What I'm saying is this appears amicable, not boat-bumping for a spot.

Both anglers started near here yesterday, but their boats weren't this close together. They are fishing below an island that separates the North Fork and the South Fork of the Muskegon River as it flows into the lake.

Pace swung and missed once, but we haven't seen a fish-catch. Both appear to be throwing hardbaits - jerks and cranks.

Pace sets the hook again, this time with success. He slides into the driver's seat to belly land this one. Boom! That looks to be a 3-pounder-plus.

Now Evers has motored to the other wide of Pace. Maybe this isn't  so amicable after all.

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