Who's out … for now

If you take a look at the AOY standings late in any season, you see several big storylines. One is who's "in" — who is going to the Classic, who is in the hunt for AOY, who is having a career year, who is an up-and-comer. Then there's the who's "out" storyline, and it usually begins with who's not likely to qualify for the Bassmaster Classic.


This year, there are several big names on that list. At the top is Michael Iaconelli, the 2003 Classic champ and 2006 AOY who sits in 49th place in the AOY standings. He'll need a top 12 finish at St. Clair to have any chance at the 2014 Classic. He's made 12 straight Classics, but the string looks like it's about to end.


Things are even worse for Greg Hackney, who has a string of 11 straight Classics on the line. He's currently in 57th place and will need to win at St. Clair if he wants to fish the 2014 Classic.


Other notables who are almost certainly going to miss the Classic are Jeff Kriet (47th), Chris Lane (53rd), Rick Clunn (56h), Shaw Grigsby (58th) and Tim Horton (77th).


Lane presents an interesting situation. Though he lives on Lake Guntersville, site of the 2014 Classic, he's a Florida native. The last chance any of these anglers will have to make the Classic comes in December on Florida's Lake Okeechobee, where Lane has won two Opens. He's money on the Big O. Though the Elite Season hasn't exactly gone his way, the Wild Card tournament gives him another shot at the championship. Don't count him out!

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