Where does the St. Lawrence rank?

With a bassing average of 4.89 and an average bass of 3.42 pounds, the St. Lawrence River ranks right up there among Elite Series venues over the years.


This year, in particular, the St. Lawrence stands out. Only Falcon Lake produced a bigger average fish (4.11 pounds) and a bigger average catch (19.03 pounds), and Falcon is one of the world's great largemouth fisheries.


None of the Elite venues this year match the St. Lawrence when it comes to bassing average. The closest was Bull Shoals at 4.82, and that venue was a mixed bag of largemouth and spotted bass.


When I compared this week at the St. Lawrence with what I believe was the greatest smallmouth bass tournament in Elite history — maybe even bass tournament history — I was surprised. In 2008, the Elites had an event on Lake Erie that was won by Kotaro Kiriyama. He totaled 93-6 in smallmouth bass! Can you imagine? His average smallmouth weighed 4-11.


Now that's not going to be equaled this week, but the St. Lawrence is definitely churning out big bronzebacks. In fact, the average smallmouth here is going to outweigh the average smallmouth on Erie back in 2008, and that's impressive. The average Erie smallmouth that year weighed 3.12 — nearly five ounces less than what we're seeing from the St. Lawrence.

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