They're not getting older ...

The guys making a run at AOY this year are older than the usual suspects — but that's partly because they were the usual suspects and they're a year older than they were last year. Out of the top five going into this tournament — Evers, Reese, VanDam, Martens and Jones — only the leader is less than 40 years old. That's pretty unusual. There's usually at least one young gun in the race until close to the end. The past two seasons it's been Ott DeFoe. Evers is 38, which is a little older than average for an AOY.


Jones just turned 50. If he wins AOY this year, he'll be the oldest in history, surpassing Roland Martin, who was 45 when he won in 1985.


And believe it or not, Kevin VanDam — the Kalamazoo Kid — will be 46 later this year. He would also be the oldest ever if he wins again.


You have to go all the way down to Chris Zaldain, in 13th place, to find an angler still in his 20s. Zaldain will be 29 later this year.

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