Steve Kennedy's at his honey hole

My assignment this morning is to follow Aaron Martens and John Murray, two of the top dozen who are fishing near the Ogdensburg bridge.En route to their spots, though, Steve Kennedy raced past my driver -- Doug Kirkbride -- and me and then stopped on a good-looking bank. We pulled over to watch him, and he immediately started chatting, telling everything about what he's been doing this week. Yesterday was a great day for Kennedy. He climbed into the finals from nowhere with the heaviest catch of the tournament so far, 23-14. And we're looking at the spot where most of those fish came from. He didn't catch 'em all yesterday, either. I just watched him hook and battle a 3-11 smallmouth for what seemed like 15 minutes. The fish hit a swimbait, as most of yesterday's big ones did. 
"These fish never give up," Kennedy complained. "I wish we could use nets on these smallmouth. I lost three good ones the first day. He is taking no chances today. 
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