Reggie ... Reggie ... Reggie

I joke with Palaniuk about the roller coaster ride that has been his Elite career so far. He seems to be either right in the mix or way, way out of it. This year, unfortunately, he's mostly been out of the hunt. Unless he can win here (or at an Open or the final Elite), he'll miss the 2014 Classic, and that would sting. He's been a strong contender in two of the last three Classics, and in typical Palaniuk fashion, he finished near the bottom in the other one. I call him "Reggie" (as in Jackson) sometimes, because it's either a home run or a strikeout for him at this stage of his career. Looking at his numbers throughout his Elite career, I can tell you that he catches fewer bass than the average Elite angler, but the ones he catches are bigger than average. Catching big ones gives you the chance to win occasionally, but catching limits day after day keeps you consistent and qualifies you for Classics.

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