A poker run stacks the deck

Brandon Palaniuk, Bernie Schultz and other Elite pros who set out for the bigger smallmouth of Lake Ontario knew they were gambling on getting there and back. Stiff winds from the west have upped the odds against them. Now, it appears, their luck might hinge on a "poker run." The 1000 Islands Poker Run kicked off at 10 a.m. today out of Kingston, Ont., with boaters in high-speed/big-wake powerboats racing to Prescott, Ont., just across the river from Ogdensburg. After that, they'll head back upstream (west) to Brockville, Ont., and then on back to Kingston. Everybody fishing between Ogdensburg and Lake Ontario will be rocking and rolling as the boats speed by, and anyone trying to make the weigh-in on time might want to consider the extra drive time required to fight the boat wakes. "That's the biggest problem we'll have today," Schultz told me this morning. "Those guys can be crazy!"

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