Martens, Tietje crossing paths near Ogdensburg bridge

Our next stop is to check on Dennis Tietje, the 10th-ranked pro with 39-9 after two days. Tietje, like most of the fishermen on the St. Lawrence today, is apparently drop shotting a gobie-like bait. He's in 25-30 feet of water within sight of the Ogdensburg bridge. Tietje quickly gave up on that spot and moved closer to the bridge at the same time, Aaron Martens roared past and shut down about 75 yards away from Tietje's new hole. They've apparently been working the same stretches this week, and both have done very well. Martens is fourth after two days having slipped in between the VanDams, Kevin (third) and Jonathon (fifth). Neither has swung on a fish since we've been watching. With all the stories the pros have been telling about how good the fishing is here, I thought we surely would have seen a fish catch by now. Scratch that, Aaron just swung a keeper into the boat. It wasn't much of a keeper though. If it had been a 3-pounder, he wouldn't have swung it into the boat on light line. He pitched it back into the river.  

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