Martens running out of big fish

Aaron Martens' prediction from before the launch this morning appears to be coming true. He figured he would have a hard time finding many more big smallmouth to climb above seventh place, where he sat with 59 pounds at the end of Saturday's weigh-in. "My spots have been hit hard, by me and others," he said. "Two of my best spots had two boats on them at times." He knew he could catch an easy limit of just-keepers, but the 4- and 5-pounders he needs to make it the top have been depleted. Too, the way he's fishing -- drop shotting Roboworms in deep water along the main river channel -- make it hard to locate new schools of big bass. They're not schools, really. He's never found a hole containing more than two or three big bass, and it takes seemingly forever to pinpoint the right locations. "It can take me anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour to get on the right place," he said. "These spots are big, and they have several 'spots-within-spots,'" so he has to keep looking and fishing until he finds them. He's inching up the BassTrakk standings with a decent limit weighing 15 pounds, but he's still 12 pounds and six places away from first. 

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