Largemouths a waste of time?

All the talk here has been about smallmouth bass, and justifiably so. But largemouth bass are also abundant in the St. Lawrence River.
"I played with them for about two hours (during practice)," Edwin Evers said Wednesday. "I had a ball. But no, I'm not playing with them anymore."
Alton Jones wouldn't let himself play with the "green fish" on the St. Lawrence River.
"They won't be a factor here," Jones said. "There's plenty of them, but I haven't fished for them. They'll suck you in because there is so many of them. I took all my largemouth tackle out of the boat, so I wouldn't give myself an opportunity to go and try to catch some.
"I knew they'd suck me in and I'd waste practice time."
These tournaments are all about big fish, of course. And most Elite Series anglers think the biggest bass here are brown, not green.

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