Just how good is the St. Lawrence?

It's a good question. The fishing here has been nothing short of spectacular. Whereas some other venues this year have disappointed or the field has really struggled, the St. Lawrence has exceeded all expectations.


After three days, a total of 1,213 bass had been brought to the scales over the course of 248 angler days. That gives this tournament an overall bassing average of 4.89 (the average angler brought 4.89 bass to the scales each day out of a possible 5).


The bass have weighed a total of 4,149 pounds, 1 ounce, so the average fish weighed 3.42 pounds (about 3-7).


The average angler coming to the scales at the St. Lawrence is carrying a bag of fish weighing 16.75 pounds … of mostly smallmouth bass. That's impressive!

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