Bumper boats

With more than 100 miles of river to fish, you'd think the pros wouldn't be playing "bumper boats," but Tietje and Martens are close enough to do that. After Martens boated two small fish, Tietje drifted down to the Alabama pro and initiated a discussion. I assume they were negotiating how to divide up the structure they're fishing. Whatever the topic, Tietje claimed the spot Martens was in, and Martens moved 50-60 yards upstream. The two are using decidedly different presentations. Tietje is drop shotting with his rod more or less horizontal, barely twitching it. Martens appears to animate his rig a little more, holding the rod upward and hopping the bait. I don't know which will pay off, but the little fish seem to like Martens' technique better. 

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