Biffle's bug isn't just for bass

B.A.S.S. put the St. Lawrence River on the world map of bass-fishing hot spots back in 1977, when it held the first major bass tournament in history on the river. The Bassmaster Classic at Thousand Islands in 1980 further spread the word, thanks in part to a major segment on the event on ABC’s “20/20” program. Still, walleye remain the target for many of the recreational fishermen in the area, mainly because they’re so darn good to eat. Tommy Biffle likes fried walleye now and then as well. Biffle was only in 59th place with 16-7 Thursday, but he was excited about his catch of big walleye. “My best five would have weighed 35 pounds,” he told me as he waited to weigh in. “I wish I’d have kept some.” That’s a huge catch, even for this fishery. All hit his namesake Larew Biffle Bug on a Hardhead jighead, the same combo that helped him win the Diet Mountain Dew Mississippi Rumble presented by Power-Pole at La Crosse, Wis., in June. “They like that Bug,” Biffle said with a smile. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him keep a couple of walleye for the skillet today.

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