Biffle has changed gears

There's a lot of activity here in the Ogdensburg area. We just happened onto Tommy Biffle, 34th so far, who's drifting with the current and fishing the straight, rocky shoreline of an island. We can see that he's crawling a Larew HardHead jig with a Biffle Bug trailer over the rocks. The trick has paid off with three keepers this morning, including one about 2 1;2 pounds that he just swung into the boat. Known as one of the best flippers/pitchers in professional fishing, Biffle has changed gears since the development of that jighead. He won the most recent Elite Series event, the Diet Mountain Dew Mississippi River Rumble presented by Power-Pole in May.The current is moving swiftly here, at least 2 or 3 mph, so he's covering a lot of water.He's slowing down as we near the downstream tip of the island, where currents are creating a seam that fish ought to like. They do. Biffle just now hauled back yet again and stuck a solid bass, After this flurry, I suggested to Biffle that we must be bringing him good luck. He doesn't believe in luck. What happened instead, he said, was that about the time we neared him, he began squirting his fish attractant, "Biffle's Bug Juice," into the hollow tail of his Bug. The name sounds like snake oil, but it obviously works. "They were just bumping it before, but after I put some Bug Juice in there, they took it all the way." Seeing is believing.
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